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sarah claidenHi there! Thanks for your interest in my services. I am a fully insured and registered empathetic Naturopath based in North Brisbane, Queensland.

What makes me a little bit different is that I incorporate Kinesiology into your treatment plan. I love exploring sub-conscious and emotional aspects that may be affecting your current state of health.

Since childhood, I have loved to learn (especially when it came to science, physics and the laws of the nature!) and to help others.

Prior to becoming a Naturopath, I travelled around the world consulting for major corporations.  I understand first-hand how stress and anxiety can affect physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  I also understand, that we can keep ourselves incredibly busy, in order to avoid emotions and traumas that lay deep below the surface.

It is my mission in life to help men, women and teens to recover from past trauma.; to regain their sense of worth, self compassion and power.

I want you to live a happier, freer and more energetic life, naturally.

I can support you with connecting the dots between your past, your environment, your relationships and your emotions to your present day physical, mental and spiritual health.

My passion for natural health focuses on mental health, women’s health, fertility (men and women), food intolerance and gut parasite elimination.

I work closely with Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner Phillip Lathopolous at Psychology Studio.

I am also doing the best I can as a mother to a toddler boy and pre-schooler girl, and enjoy being a creator and advocate for natural and herbal medicines.

My journey

First introduced to Naturopathy in 2001, I discovered that we feel much better when we take responsibility for our health, including what we eat, when we’re in line with our own unique nature. But I also know this can be easier said than done. Bad habits, social conditioning and negative internal dialogue can be hard to break…

In 2008 whilst working in a high-stress corporate role in London, I was diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Suddenly the concept of some day having my own healthy family was hard to imagine. I believe that without the knowledge and application of natural health sciences, that becoming a mother to my two healthy and happy children would have remained a fantasy.

In 2015 a Kinesiologist was able to trace my sore left shoulder to an emotion related to my liver, that had been there since I was a teenager.  The explanation made so much sense, and my shoulder pain melted away.  Since then, I became fascinated and could see just how valuable this modality is alongside Naturopathy.

I have trained to become a Naturopath & Kinesiologist at well-respected institutions in both London and Brisbane, and continue to pursue the link between emotional, mental and physical health. Every day presents us with a choice to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

I have witnessed the power of nature in supporting:

Stress Anxiety Depression PTSD Fatigue
 PCOS Infertility Gut Parasites Weight Loss Food Intolerances
“Your biography becomes your biology”

In other words, the environment in which you create for yourself encourages either vibrant health or the unfortunate but far too common “dis-ease”. I believe that Naturopathy and Kinesiology can bring you back to health, living a life of meaning and vitality… naturally of course!

We are incredibly fortunate to live in the 21st Century; a time where we have brilliant minds working towards improving every aspect of healthcare, and a time where we have choice in our treatment. I will support you alongside your GP and medical specialists with the best evidence based natural health options available.


Inspired by the works of Caroline Myss, Dr. John Bergman, the late Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer, I believe in the power of thoughts, energetic and spiritual aspects of health.

I am also inspired by Michael Mosley’s no-nonsense approach to biomedical research in his documentaries and books about fasting, nutrition, medical testing and the microbiome.

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Sarah is a duly accredited Naturopath and proud member of:


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“Sarah is not only very knowledgeable but very intuitive when it comes to her services. Her respectful approach to a delicate situation makes her easy to deal with and this helps me feel comfortable when it comes to making decisions about my health. She is quick to get back to me when I have an issue and is always open to helping me with any new challenges that arise. I would highly recommend her.” – Natalie S

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“We are all born into this world to experience that which life has to offer. This means feeling comfortable in our body and calm in our mind. Sometimes we just need some extra support to peel away the layers and come back to our true nature” – Sarah Claiden