Welcome to Naturology Studio, Sandgate’s very own Family Naturopathy & Kinesiology, Natural Health Studio.

What has brought you here today?

Perhaps your energy is on the floor…

Maybe you have a low-level anxiety that has plagued you for years…

Perhaps you’ve received a medical diagnosis and are seeking complementary natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical drugs that you’ve been prescribed…

Maybe you don’t know what to eat or drink any more with so much conflicting advice available…

Alternatively, you’ve tried “everything” but still can’t get that elusive “happy normal” that you so desire.

Whatever it is that brought you here, welcome. You’re in a safe place with a practitioner who has likely heard it before and possibly even been there too.  From Anxiety, to Gut Parasites, to PCOS, to Uterine Prolapse and Zinc Deficiency, and everything in between!

Naturology Studio’s Difference

Imagine, if your healthcare provider took the time to listen to you, instead of rushing you along so they could see 28 more patients that day.

Imagine having a therapist who can actually tap into your subconscious to see if there are emotional, mental or physical blocks that may be impeding on your pathway to optimal health.

Naturopath & Kinesiologist Sarah at Naturology Studio has personally experienced and helped people just like yourself to overcome health challenges, to regain energy and vitality, find balance, feel more confident and even start a family, naturally.

As a professionally endorsed Naturopath with the Australian Natural Therapists Association, Sarah has trained for years to provide you with traditional and evidence-based natural health options.

By exploring your past and your present, researching the latest evidence-based natural medicines, and using tools to delve into your sub-conscious, she creates personalised health programmes to suit you at a core level. You will have access to practitioner only nutraceuticals, herbal remedies, flower essences and the latest lifestyle advice. With your commitment, she guarantees that you’ll be more prepared for your very own health success.

Naturopaths and Kinesiologists are educated in all areas of health, however Sarah at Naturology Studio focuses on the following areas:

happy healthy lady
Mental Health Women’s Health
Emotional Trauma, Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Depression Adrenal, Reproductive and Thyroid Balance
pregnancy detox
Fertility Detox & Parasite Elimination
Conception to Baby – Natural Fertility and IVF Support Gut Eco-Health and Eradication of Blastocystis, Dientamoeba & Yersinia

“Sarah was recommended as a Naturopath, I had no clue Sarah was a kinesiologist (actually I had no idea what kinesiology was).  I find it hard to write a review as I cannot put into words how different I feel after spending time with Sarah. The level of peace and comfort I felt during my consultation, the amazement I have for Sarah’s work. I’m so impressed, she’s a star” – Clare G

“It is important that parents know there are other avenues quite apart from anti-depressants that are effective, especially for teenagers. About five days after my teen daughters consultation, she and I both noticed a significant change in her demeanour. She has been so much more upbeat, much less depressed and more like her old self. Overall it is a lovely relief for her and for us to see her being so much better.  God bless you Sarah for the very valuable help you provided. It is much appreciated!” – Fiona P

“The experience is second to none x I’m grateful to be in Sarah’s care” – Lesley C

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support so far. I feel blessed to have come across your website and be able to take the supplements you’ve prescribed me. I’m so grateful! The symptoms are definitely much better then months before” – Maryam K

“Sarah is a magical energy healer and kinesiologist. She exudes an incredible sense of calm and serenity, and engenders deep trust so that it is very easy to surrender oneself to her treatment process. Sarah uses her vast knowledge of naturopathy and flower essences to compliment her treatment – it is holistic therapy at its best.” – Qestra M

Free 15 minute phone-consultations are available to get to know one another and feel comfortable that we’re a good match to support you on your health journey.

Naturopathy and Kinesiology consultations are available Tuesday – Thursday by appointment.


No matter where you are in the world, we can connect online ✨️ And for those of you close to North Brisbane, request an appointment to explore your subconscious together in person.

For those of you who are interested in Naturopathy and / or Kinesiology and are unsure, here are a few issues it can help with:
°fertility support
°food intolerances
°gut parasite infection
°hot flushes
°immune support
°physical pain
°spiritual pain

Sarah uses muscle monitoring to access the subconscious and support clients to reconnect with their own innate ability to return to optimal health. This can also be done remotely.

Sarah supports babies, children, teens and adults.


Naturopathy & Kinesiology Consultations:

Nutrition and the environment can lead to vibrant health, or the unfortunate and far too common “dis-ease” and the need for “sick-care”.

Access your body’s “innate awareness” and delve into subconscious aspects that may be interfering with your self-healing capacity.

Sarah’s intention is to support, educate and facilitate your return to and maintenance of “health-care”, naturally of course! The best way to gain the most appropriate personalised treatment is to book in for a Consultation. Learn More

Additional Services:

Compatibility testing

Find out which foods and household products suit YOUR body. This non-invasive test looks at over 600 items, to find out what your body is compatible with Learn more


Food Detective™ is a simple in-clinic finger-prick blood test that provides us with results to over 48 common food irritants. Specifically it tests for  blood-antibodies (IgG) in response to standard food proteins. The best thing about this test? You receive the results at your consultation! Testing takes only 40 minutes. Learn more

custom designed Flower Essences

Following on from the popularity of Naturology Studio’s custom designed Flower Essences, this service can still be accessed without a formal naturopathy consultation. Flower Essences are an amazing vibrational medicine that supports adults and children on an emotional level; they are particularly useful during times of need. Learn more

7 day nutritional analysis

Had enough of contradictory nutritional advice and just looking for an honest scientific review of your diet? By tracking everything (yes EVERYTHING!) that you eat and drink for 7 days, Sarah can perform a detailed analysis to ensure that you’re on the best path to meet your individual nutritional requirements.


Sarah loves meeting, greeting and presenting, and can speak on a variety of health topics.


About Naturopathy

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare based on the belief that the body is always working towards optimum health and has the inherent ability to heal itself. When we truly understand that the mind, body and spirit are connected, we can find ways to live a life full of meaning, health and vitality.

Naturopaths are trained in Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Medicine, Western Herbal Medicines, Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications. We treat each person as an individual, and look for the cause(s) of dis-ease to support  physical, mental and emotional health.

In-depth consultations and non-invasive techniques are used to assess one’s health, then using the healing power of nature a personalised prescription is provided which may include:

herbs healthy food
Herbal Medicines Nutritional Supplements Dietary advice
to improve quality of life, prevent and treat various dis-ease to target nutritional imbalances and support healing to restore balance,  support detoxification and prevention of dis-ease
Lifestyle advice Flower Essences
to promote overall well-being and reduce stress to enhance emotional healing

Naturopathy Key Foundations:

First, Do No Harm Healing Power of Nature Treat the Cause
(primum non nocere) (vis medicatrix naturae) (tolle causam)
The Hippocratic Oath taken by all medical professionals, to first consider the benefits vs risk when offering an intervention Nature by design is neither lacking, and nothing is superfluous.  Look to her for guidance. A cascade of interventions masking symptoms is not sustainable. Find and treat the source.
meditation educate promotion
Treat the Whole Doctor as Teacher Disease Prevention
(tolle totum) (docere) (ne morbo)
The mind, body & spirit are inexplicably linked; a holistic approach and personalised medicine are necessary. Naturopaths trigger within you, your own ability to heal yourself. Sometimes all you need is the right information. Prevention really is the best medicine! Naturopaths promote health.

Naturopathy to Complement Modern Medicine

Unlike what many media outlets lead the public to believe, qualified Naturopaths do NOT reject modern medicine! We are trained to support you alongside your GP and medical specialists with the best evidence based natural health options available.

Sarah uses a variety of Practitioner Only ranges to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality supplements.

Are you ready for your Naturopathy consultation with Sarah? Request an appointment for a time that best suits you!

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About Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle-monitoring to tap into your sub-conscious “innate awareness” or “body intelligence”. From this level we can enquire to what your body most needs to be acknowledged or supported in order to achieve optimum health and balance.

Just like Naturopathy, Kinesiology is a holistic approach to healthcare based on the belief that the body is always working towards optimum health and has the inherent ability to heal itself.

Unresolved past stress and emotional trauma can lead to present day dysfunction and dis-ease. This may lead us to ponder why we do things the way we do, how did we end up in this situation, or why negative patterns keep repeating themselves.

“We are never upset for the reason we think we are”

From a conscious perspective the cause of our stress can be elusive; suppressed, avoided, denied or resisted. By integrating a conscious understanding from past unresolved / unprocessed / unhelpful beliefs / emotions then we can start to heal.

“The only person who can heal you is yourself”

It is important to understand the role of a Kinesiologist is not to “heal” you; your body knows what it needs in order to heal. A Kinesiologist supports you to “connect the dots” and tap into what your body has been trying to tell you.

“We are more than a physical body”

Non-invasive muscle-monitoring is used to determine whether your body may need support from one or more of the following:

muscle monitoring nutrition emotions
Physical Nutritional Emotional
Manipulation of specific muscles and body points Introduction of supportive nutrients / herbs or removal of toxins Acknowledgement of past, present or future perceived stressors
meridian energy neural integration spiritual
Energetic Neurological Spiritual
Meridian energy lines can be unblocked and harmonised Brain and nervous system integration Life purpose and aligning with our higher aspects
fitness chakra balancing
Lifestyle advice Subtle Energy Flower Essences 
to promote overall well-being and reduce stress Integrating our physical and energetic bodies to enhance emotional healing

Kinesiology to Complement Natural Health Science

We all know that the latest “fad-diet” or “wonder-pill” doesn’t work for everyone. It’s the same with professionally prescribed evidence-based medicines, nutrients and lifestyle advice. Your body has different requirements as it ages and different requirements to your friends and family members.

Sarah uses Kinesiology to determine if specific foods, supplements and/or herbs are beneficial for your body, and in what quantity. She also uses Kinesiology to identify areas that require support and to clear energetic/emotional stresses.

By tapping into what your body actually desires in order to achieve optimum health, Sarah can provide you with the most appropriate natural health prescription. Not only does this mean that you won’t be wasting hard-earned dollars on unnecessary supplements, but you become an active participant in the self-healing journey.

Naturopath’s require extra training to use Kinesiology as a tool in practice, Sarah has trained with some of the best Kinesiologists across Australia.

Are you ready for your consultation that uses Kinesiology to explore your subconscious? Request an appointment for a time that best suits you:

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“You’re such a talent. My hips have not been sore since you worked your magic on me, & I always feel so light and happy for weeks after you do emotional balances on me…” – Mel D


Gilbert’s Syndrome Natural Treatment

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