About Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle-monitoring to tap into your sub-conscious “innate awareness” or “body intelligence”. From this level we can enquire to what your body most needs to be acknowledged or supported in order to achieve optimum health and balance.

Just like Naturopathy, Kinesiology is a holistic approach to healthcare based on the belief that the body is always working towards optimum health and has the inherent ability to heal itself.

Unresolved past stress and emotional trauma can lead to present day dysfunction and dis-ease. This may lead us to ponder why we do things the way we do, how did we end up in this situation, or why negative patterns keep repeating themselves.

“We are never upset for the reason we think we are”

From a conscious perspective the cause of our stress can be elusive; suppressed, avoided, denied or resisted. By integrating a conscious understanding from past unresolved / unprocessed / unhelpful beliefs / emotions then we can start to heal.

“The only person who can heal you is yourself”

It is important to understand the role of a Kinesiologist is not to “heal” you; your body knows what it needs in order to heal. A Kinesiologist supports you to “connect the dots” and tap into what your body has been trying to tell you.

“We are more than a physical body”

Non-invasive muscle-monitoring is used to determine whether your body may need support from one or more of the following:

muscle monitoring nutrition emotions
Physical Nutritional Emotional
Manipulation of specific muscles and body points Introduction of supportive nutrients / herbs or removal of toxins Acknowledgement of past, present or future perceived stressors
meridian energy neural integration spiritual
Energetic Neurological Spiritual
Meridian energy lines can be unblocked and harmonised Brain and nervous system integration Life purpose and aligning with our higher aspects
fitness chakra balancing
Lifestyle advice Subtle Energy Flower Essences 
to promote overall well-being and reduce stress Integrating our physical and energetic bodies to enhance emotional healing

Kinesiology to Complement Natural Health Science

We all know that the latest “fad-diet” or “wonder-pill” doesn’t work for everyone. It’s the same with professionally prescribed evidence-based medicines, nutrients and lifestyle advice. Your body has different requirements as it ages and different requirements to your friends and family members.

Sarah uses Kinesiology to determine if specific foods, supplements and/or herbs are beneficial for your body, and in what quantity. She also uses Kinesiology to identify areas that require support and to clear energetic/emotional stresses.

By tapping into what your body actually desires in order to achieve optimum health, Sarah can provide you with the most appropriate natural health prescription. Not only does this mean that you won’t be wasting hard-earned dollars on unnecessary supplements, but you become an active participant in the self-healing journey.

Naturopath’s require extra training to use Kinesiology as a tool in practice, Sarah has trained with some of the best Kinesiologists across Australia.

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“You’re such a talent. My hips have not been sore since you worked your magic on me, & I always feel so light and happy for weeks after you do emotional balances on me…” – Mel D