The Throat Chakra “Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will”

throat chakraThis blog post addresses the fifth energetic centre, the Throat Chakra. The fifth chakra is involved in numerous emotional and mental struggles to do with choice, expression, responsibilitycommunicationattitude, faith, honesty, consequence and willpower.

As the name suggests, the physical location is found at the throat – you may have noticed this energy as your trachea constricting when you feel scared or out of control, or the feeling of power when singing out loud! Sitting between our heart and mind energetic centres, a balanced Throat Chakra surrenders to the Divine to make decisions and find expression of our true self. This is the first of the three upper chakras to do with connection to the higher-self, spirit and soul.

Symbolically the Throat Chakra develops as we mature from the tribal perception that everyone and everything has power of us, through to the perception that we alone have true authority, to the final understanding that true authority actually comes from aligning ourselves with our truth and Divine Will.

Whilst each chakra has fears appropriate to that chakra, the throat chakra is very much focused on the notion of releasing our power or choice to that of Divine force. Every choice we make has an energetic exchange; every thought and feeling that we experience has a consequence whether that be biological, environmental, social, personal, or global. “Your biography becomes your biology”; every dis-ease has a connection to the power of choice that we have made throughout our lives, therefore the throat chakra is involved with every illness.


the Sacred truth | Surrender personal will to divine will:

The essence of the Throat Chakra is faith. We all reach a point in life where we realise that our personal power is unsufficient to get us through a crisis and question whether some other “force” is playing a part in our lives. Gaining awareness of this personal power limitation opens us up to become receptive and open to seeing life symbolically as a spiritual journey alongside a physical journey. This does not mean that we no longer delight in the comfort and delights of physical life, merely that we are liberated from the physical illusions.

If we could understand the energetic consequences or karma of choice, especially when made out of fear, we would see that these choices produce unwanted side effects. We may live with the illusion that we are in charge of our lives by seeking wealth and status so that we do not have to follow the choices others make for us, it is however only when surrendering our personal will to Divine will that we become empowered and conscious.

In Hindu the name “Vishuddha” has been given, which translates to “especially pure”. It relates to speaking and expressing genuine truth. The element associated with this chakra is “ether” or sound.

Strengths associated with the throat chakra:
    • faith
    • self-knowledge
    • self-expression
    • personal authority
    • honesty with oneself, and others
    • clear communication
    • following one’s dream
    • releasing expectations
Weaknesses associated with the throat chakra:
    • lying
    • dishonesty
    • poor communication with others
    • addiction
    • judgemental
    • critical
    • indecisive
Fears associated with the throat chakra:
    • releasing the power of choice to a Divine force
    • by speaking our truth we will be outcast
    • needing to know why things happen as they do

Blocking this energy can give rise to throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth and gum issues.

Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually:
    • Questions you may like to ask yourself include:
    • “What is my definition of being “strong-willed”?”
    • “Are there people in my life that have control over my will-power?” If yes, why?
    • “Do I seek to control others?” If yes, why?
    • “Do I express myself openly and honestly?” If not, why?
    • “Do I feel able to receive guidance and act upon it?”
    • “What fears do I have associated with Divine guidance?”
    • “Do I argue with myself in situations that require change that I continually postpone taking action?” If yes, what are these reasons for not wanting to act?
    Recommended Exercises:
    • Neck rolling
    • Yoga shoulder stand and fish pose
    • Take a vow of silence for an extended period of time to better tune into subtle sounds and open up other avenues of communication (especially with one’s higher consciousness)
    • Open oneself up to the mysteries of the universe by expressing oneself with art which is a language more universal than that of the human tongue
    • Sing, hum or read aloud to open the throat chakra.
    • Chant the mantra “Ham(hum)” to create sound vibration in the body to harmonise with the throat chakra.
    • Meditate on the sacred message “Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will”
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