Claire T

“I love the essences! Highly recommended. Sarah was able to prepare me a thoughtful, tailored flower essence through email. She was respectful to interact with and explained her choices for new in great detail. Her careful choice of flowers showed great insight into my needs and current situation. I have felt changes in the way I respond to challenging situations and generally stronger in myself”

Thania S

“The custom flower essences have been amazing! I am enjoying mine and believe they are really benefiting me and helping me to be calmer in overwhelming mum-moments! Sarah created flower essences for two of my friends for gifts at Christmas, a process which she conducted with ease, great communication and respect, in order to gather the information she needed to intuitively put together unique blends for each person. I was also given a bottle for myself to support with my postnatal experience and I have found my essences to be a big help. Thank you Sarah for your beautiful work”

Naomi L

“Sarah is a lovely person to deal with. She made me feel at ease at our appointment which was really reassuring. Although I haven’t had a chance to try my blend of essences, I can definitely recommend Sarah for her professionalism and passion in what she does”

Natalie O

“I approached Sarah to create an intuitive blend for me and my individual needs with out too much personal sharing on my behalf. I was pleasantly surprised with the bush flower essences she intuitively selected for me. Once I read the handwritten note that accompanied the flower essence blend, some personal realisations were made. Four bush flower essences were blended together in a personalised mix just for me. Christmas Bell assisted me with self direction. Fringed Violet was selected for setting boundaries in personal growth and aura repairs. Green Spider Orchid was selected for assisting with reaching new levels of awareness for teaching spiritual matters. Jacaranda was selected for focus, quick thinking and assisting me to feel centred and poised. Thank you Sarah. I have definitely experienced some powerful changes with your unique and customised blend”