Glenn C

“Sarah reviewed my routine diet and provided a very detailed report showing how I was ingesting too much salt via processed food. I needed to change my bread and drink more water. I thought I had a very healthy diet but it showed where improvements could be easily made. Everything was done via email so it was a simple process”

Carol C

“Sarah created personalised flower essences that suited my current circumstances in a most caring and gentle way. They helped me to feel more centred and calm. She also tested my BioCompatibility for foods and household products which has been amazing. For years I believed that I couldn’t eat citrus fruits like oranges, but now I can see that some are a problem and some are not. I can eat mandarins again now guilt free, hoorah! I feel that the pain I experienced from inflammation related to osteoporosis has reduced. I recommend her to everyone that I meet!”

Kristin E

“(I) just had a Skype appointment with @naturologystudio please head over and follow her if you haven’t already and support the amazing work she does. She is my preferred Naturopath and flower essence provider”

Natalie S

“Sarah is not only very knowledgeable but very intuitive when it comes to her services. Her respectful approach to a delicate situation makes her easy to deal with and this helps me feel comfortable when it comes to making decisions about my health. She is quick to get back to me when I have an issue and is always open to helping me with any new challenges that arise. I would highly recommend her.”

Kristin R

“I have to share with you all! I met the most beautiful human being on this earth and she is the secret behind the calm, happy and collected me! Anyone that knows me well knows I’m a hippy at heart and believe in relaxation, incense, holistic health and my secret weapon naturopathy! @naturologystudio is my life saver! She customises all my blends depending on my needs at the time and well there isn’t enough room for me to compliment this beautiful lady as much as I would like to! Just check her out honestly you will not regret it!”

“OMG I have to say I am absolutely loving the blend!!! Feeling amazing and sleeping amazing 😁You may just be my lifesaver for good well being!” “I recently purchased a customised blend from Naturology Studio and it has honestly changed my life! I love the blend and have experienced so many amazing benefits from the blend and I have highly recommended that family and friends purchase a customised blend and I would highly recommend Naturology Studio to anyone looking for better in their life! I know my life is much better since starting the blend ❤❀”

Sabina M

“I contacted Sarah as I wanted to try something natural and tailored to me and what I wanted to work ok. The consultation process was quick and Sarah is very professional. She took all the information I had given her, including what my key areas of concern were and came back with suggestions for me to ensure it was what I wanted. Postage (to the UK) was quick. I have been taking the drops for a week or so and have felt small changes. I’m looking forward to continuing and seeing what happens next. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to others and would happily use her again!”

Daniela P

“Your drops worked a charm last night and I felt so much better this morning! I took them this morning as well and think they’re magic!”

Lindsey B

“Sarah made a custom blend for my young daughter. I believe this has helped her to overcome some issues related to sleep and benefit her in such a natural way. My experience of Sarah’s essences is that they give gentle results, triggering some energy within to improve wellbeing. In my case I feel they have aided calm and injected a drive for creativity and a sense of motivation. Sarah’s professionalism, care, intuition and empathy make her the perfect creator for custom blends. She really takes time and thought to understand our needs and her commitment to ongoing care is a testimony to this”

Pat J

“I am an international customer based in the UK. After contacting Sarah and explaining what my needs were, she immediately got to work designing the perfect remedy for me. I was extremely excited to receive my parcel and to start on the drops. I noticed a change within a couple of weeks! Very subtley at first. Her professionalism and the care and love she puts into designing individual remedies for your needs is second to none. I would absolutely recommend trusting this talented lady if you are looking for a help for any issues, and for a treatment that is totally natural…..waking up your body and its senses to these wonderful remedies.”

Claire T

“I love the essences! Highly recommended. Sarah was able to prepare me a thoughtful, tailored flower essence through email. She was respectful to interact with and explained her choices for new in great detail. Her careful choice of flowers showed great insight into my needs and current situation. I have felt changes in the way I respond to challenging situations and generally stronger in myself”