Lisa B

“Sarah has a natural ability. She taught me some amazing knowledge about my body.

Sarah explained everything to me and I felt relaxed. She is very professional and has a lovely aura – kind -“

Jamie the Anxious Cat

“HOLY CRAP!!!!! 

She just woke me up, jumped on my bed while I’m in it, hasn’t done that since she was a kitten, spent 15-20mins demanding pats and drooling on me 😮😮😮😮. Then sat on bed head for a bit and then casually wandered off not running away!!! 

Started flower essences Saturday and every second day doing exercises [as recommended by Animal Communicator Rommie Buhler]

Jane A

“Your session has been really impactful and positive, my teen daughter has definitely experienced a reduced shift in the level of anxiety and feels calmer. I would like to continue her seeing you as she adapts and grows. Thank you so much”


Tegan B

“Thanks so much for seeing me, I am feeling really positive about our treatment plan”

“Very friendly, genuinely caring and wants to help. Very knowledgeable & such a lovely person. Thanks!”

Qestra M

“Sarah is a magical energy healer and kinesiologist. She exudes an incredible sense of calm and serenity, and engenders deep trust so that it is very easy to surrender oneself to her treatment process. Sarah uses her vast knowledge of naturopathy and flower essences to compliment her treatment – it is holistic therapy at its best.

I experienced a beautifully rejuvenating session, during which she very accurately distilled the major issues I’m dealing with and worked to unblock and clear my subconscious tensions. I have since felt a sense of lightness and clarity moving forward, and an increased confidence to face my issues head on. Sarah is a gifted intuitive, and above all a selfless and generous spirit who is clearly passionately devoted to her work, she has helped me enormously in one session and I very much look forward to ongoing treatment with her!”

Maryam K

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support so far. I feel blessed to have come across your website and be able to take the supplements you’ve prescribed me. I’m so grateful! The symptoms are definitely much better then months before”

Ben B

“I felt very comfortable during my kinesiology session. I really appreciated the explanations, extra insights, and the understanding given from shared previous experiences”

Tara B

“What an amazing balance! Thank you Sarah! I felt the releases as they were occurring and even though I was unclear on my goals for the evening, the outcome was perfect. Sarah you’re very talented”

Pam S

“Sarah explained everything she was doing which I appreciated… in a clear way. My pain that I had on entering has gone – a very good sign! Thank you Sarah, I wish you the very best”

Lauren P

“Sarah is an amazing Naturopath and Kinesiologist, whom I highly recommend. She goes out of her way to check in on her clients and always has her clients best interests in mind. A lovely lady.”