Marilyn V

“I can’t speak highly enough of Sarah’s professionalism, skills and her very calming, gentle approach, (surprisingly with a hyperactive personality like myself its like oil on troubled waters).

Over time she has recommended quality health supplements (I currently swear by a couple of them) and flower essences. More recently Sarah has started training in Kinesiology… she said to me one day, let my try something on you… OMG, she had me pegged in one session of trialling me on what she is perfecting in the skill.

Let me tell you, I am not an easy one to work on. What was discovered in that one session is going to be invaluable to my future focus and goals (I’m so over wasting my time on things that don’t work for me anymore). The great thing is that Sarah is multi-skilled and keeps adding therapies which help people like me uncover idiosyncrasies that are not serving me any more. Bring it on. I would highly recommend Sarah on many levels. Thank you Angel.”