Kinesiology Consultations

INITIAL APPOINTMENT $165 [up to 90 minutes]
STANDARD Follow up $110 [60 minutes]
EXTENDED Follow up $150 [90 minutes]

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Are you ready to explore beneath the surface? Let’s access your subconscious and find out what it’s been trying to tell you.

Sarah offers Kinesiology consultations, and has a special interest in supporting women in overcoming past trauma. It is her mission in life to help women regain their sense of worth, self compassion and power.

With the client laying on a massage table, or sitting upright, Sarah uses muscle monitoring to access your subconscious to explore what your body needs to enable self-healing.  This may take us into survival responses within the brain, to an emotion that needs to be acknowledged from the past, to an area of the body that requires physical manipulation, the requirement for a specific nutrient, the use of sound healing or to a flower essence that can support you energetically.  A session can really take us anywhere, totally dependent on what your body indicates.

What to expect from a Kinesiology Consultation?

Prior to your initial consultation, you will be sent a Welcome Pack which includes all of the information to get us started. You are requested to complete important health questionnaires which provide a high-level status of your current health.

happy naturopath

During the consultation you will be asked questions from a holistic perspective; physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health are all connected to your current state of health.

You will be placed supine (laying on your back) on a massage table. Sarah will check your comfort levels, then use muscle-monitoring to access your sub-conscious “innate awareness” or “body intelligence”. This innate awareness is always for our highest good and provides us with guidance on what is needed in order to regain health and promote self-healing.

I recommend wearing shorts or trousers (i.e. avoid short skirts or dresses) to your appointments as we will be moving your body around on a massage table.

At the end of your consultation Sarah will check how long your body needs for integration of the work completed. She will then provide with an action plan to support your restoration of health.

What to bring to your Kinesiology Consultation?

Please bring the following:

  • Supplements
  • Recent pathology tests
  • Medication(s)*
  • Your lovely self 😊
  • Anything else that you believe is of relevance

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You’re such a talent. My hips have not been sore since you worked your magic on me, & I always feel so light and happy for weeks after you do emotional balances on me…

I have had multiple kinesiology sessions with Sarah & after each session I feel lighter & happier for weeks afterwards, and I have noticed big long-term improvements physically & emotionally.

I highly recommend Naturology Studio to anyone looking for a more holistic approach to their health. Sarah has a beautiful calming nature and is genuinely interested in the welfare of her clients.” – Melissa

“What an amazing balance! Thank you Sarah! I felt the releases as they were occurring and even though I was unclear on my goals, the outcome was perfect. Sarah you’re very talented” – Tara B

“Sarah explained everything she was doing which I appreciated… in a clear way. My pain that I had on entering has gone – a very good sign! Thank you Sarah, I wish you the very best” Pam S

“Sarah is an amazing Naturopath and Kinesiologist, whom I highly recommend. She goes out of her way to check in on her clients and always has her clients best interests in mind. A lovely lady.” Lauren S

*If you have concerns about your medication, please discuss with your prescribing GP.