Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?

“Everything is composed of vibrations. Nature – like music – provides these vibrations in harmonious patterns. Flower remedies are the healing vibrations of a plant” – Dr Andrew Tresidder 

“Disease of the body itself is the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony [with the support of flower essences], and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts” – Dr. Edward Bach

Custom Design

Flower essences are vibrational in nature and used to enhance emotional well-being; they work on the understanding that emotions and thoughts have energy, and these energies interweave with our physical body.

Negative thoughts, memories and emotions that are not addressed can have a negative impact on the body and block a person’s energetic flow. Flower Essences encourage the release of any negative or unhelpful emotions, whilst simultaneously raising positive and helpful aspects to become more vibrant, light and healthy.

Vibrational healing modalities work beautifully with children, animals and adults alike, with no risk of adverse side-effect.

Custom Designed with english bach flowers, australian bush flowers and / or american desert alchemy essences…

Following on from the popularity of Naturology Studio’s custom designed Flower Essences, this service can still be accessed without a formal consultation. Perfect for the person or animal receiving them!

You may choose to have a blend created for yourself, or for a friend or loved one.

Each custom blended Flower Essence bottle is created as a one-off unique blend.

The following emotions are just some examples where flower essences may be useful:

Anxiety Repetitive worries Nightmares
Depression Scattered thoughts Insomnia
Grief Hormonal imbalances Isolation
Jealousy Poor self-esteem Life changes

Sarah will design, craft and ship your blend to arrive with you within 7 days (domestic).

Alternatively, if you’re a local, book in for a 20 minute consultation with Sarah and receive a custom blend flower essence on the spot!

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AU $60

Australian and International Orders accepted via PayPal,

Australian Bush Flower Essence


Place 7 drops under your tongue, or add them into a glass of water twice daily. First upon waking and Second before bedtime.

Final Note…

When taking Flower Essences, you may find that you experience vivid dreams, have sudden realisations, changed relationships and / or a different perspective on your world. Some feelings that arise may feel uncomfortable, but know that they are necessary to be felt in order to let them go

“Sarah.. thank you so much for the remedies.. I take them morning and night and I’m feeling less stressed and worried.. you are a miracle worker… My anxiety has melted away” – Rita

“Your drops worked a charm last night and I felt so much better this morning! I took them this morning as well and think they’re magic!” – Daniela

“Sarah made a custom blend for my young daughter. I believe this has helped her to overcome some issues related to sleep and benefit her in such a natural way. My experience of Sarah’s essences is that they give gentle results, triggering some energy within to improve well-being. In my case I feel they have aided calm and injected a drive for creativity and a sense of motivation. Sarah’s professionalism, care, intuition and empathy make her the perfect creator for custom blends. She really takes time and thought to understand our needs and her commitment to ongoing care is a testimony to this” – Lindsey