Flower Essence Blends – Birthday Special!

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!

To celebrate the magnificence of YOU and to thank you for being a part of Naturology Studio’s Natural Health Tribe, you are invited to a 40% discount on any pre-designed flower essence of your choice* [T&C below]



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7 chakras

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CALM blend (most popular)

Created for those who are anxious and stressed; this blend helps to find balance, inner peace, let go and clear away old negative emotions. Ideal for the year ahead’s unexpected ebbs and flow…

7 CHAKRA blendS

Chakra Balancing

These blends support the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the 7 main chakra points within your body.

Base Chakra Sacral solar plexus heart
“GROUNDED” Root ChakrA
Clear repetitive negative family and karmic patterns of behaviour.

Remain grounded spiritually.

Attention to detail, grounded and focused.

Acceptance of the joy and beauty in the present moment.

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Strengthen your will and commit to a task, relationship or life venture.

Spontaneity, playful, carefree.

Gives one confidence in their creativity.

A catalyst for change, supports the movement of your life force.

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Encourages healthy self-esteem, self-love and acceptance.

Addresses fear and issues of co-dependency.

By finding one’s  inner strength one can stand tall and proud.

See that the past is over and be true to yourself.

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Embrace compassion, tolerance and love for others.

Connect with the infinite source of love and joy.

Self-love, self-commitment and perseverance.

Clear away emotional blockages and find forgiveness.

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throat 3rd eye crown 7 chakras
Quiet the mental chatter and find clarity for creative visualisation.

Trust in your intuition and communicate your thoughts with ease.

Move through any creative blocks and enjoy your creative expression

Find clarity in your life direction.

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Think quickly, focus, be decisive and confident in your own choices.

Connect your mind and heart.

Learn from past experiences.

Release nightmares.

Take a step back from your emotions and become “open minded”.

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Open the gateway to your higher perceptions and spirituality.

Clear communication with your higher self.

Cope with powerful experiences to do with spiritual initiation.

Sense of belonging.

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All 7 chakra blends in a package.

Start with the root chakra, and work your way up, or choose to use whichever chakra most needs supporting on a day-by-day basis.

7 x  bottles when taken as directed will last approx. 7 months.

Package discount 33% only $99.95


Place 7 drops under your tongue, or add them into a glass of water twice daily. First upon waking and Second before bedtime.

When taken as directed, each 25mL bottle will last about 1 month.

You may choose to use each blend on its own, or tune into your own guidance and use it when you feel that particular area is out of balance.

“Your drops worked a charm last night and I felt so much better this morning! I took them this morning as well and think they’re magic!”
– Daniela P

Final Note…

When taking Flower Essences, you may find that you experience vivid dreams, have sudden realisations, changed relationships and / or a different perspective on your world. Some feelings that arise may feel uncomfortable, but know that they are necessary to be felt in order to let them go

Would you prefer a personalised blend especially for you, a friend, family-member or child? Requesting a custom blend is straight-forward, affordable and easy… Learn More

*Terms & Conditions

25% discount only available to email subscribers of Naturology Studio who have had a birthday in the past 30 days.

Discount available online only. Please contact Sarah at info@naturologystudio.com.au for any queries.