Naturopathy for Animals

Standard Consultation $85 [30 minutes]

During a standard consultation we delve into your animal’s history,  current state of health, and desires for the future. We will agree upon your goals and make some Naturopathic recommendations to get started.

Extended consultation $110 [60 minutes]

Request an extended consultation for complex cases and/or where you would like to use Kinesiology to explore your animal’s subconscious and identify ways to support optimal health.

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HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS [equine and canine test only] $150

horse naturopathy

The correct mineral balance is important for optimal health in animals. Mineral excess or deficiency can lead to ill health and disease. Mineral imbalances in animals may present as rough coat, dry flaky skin, eating dirt, debarking trees, tooth-decay and worse.

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a non-invasive test that measures the levels of nutrients and toxic metals found in the hair of dogs and horses. It can detect an excess or deficiency of nutrient minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It can also identify over exposure to toxic metals such as arsenic, aluminium, cadmium and lead.

COMPATIBILITY TESTING [feline & canine test only] $220

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The Compatibility Hair Test uses modern technology to measure your animal’s compatibility against over 250 foods, grooming and household products at a cellular level. It will identify exactly which foods and products you should be avoiding (affecting your animal on a subtler level than standard  intolerance or allergy testing).

This non-invasive test requires a small hair sample.  Click here to view all of the products tested.  Additional products can be tested at $6 per item.

FLOWER ESSENCES [all animals] $25

Sarah crafts blends of Australian Bush Flower, Bach and Desert Alchemy blends especially for anxious, stressed out animals.

These vibrational essences support your animal energetically and emotionally to feel grounded, safe, loved and connected to the vibration of love.

Animal Blends available at $25:

Directions:  Add 4-7 drops to the animals food or water once daily.

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!  Jamie (the cat) just woke me up, jumped on my bed while I’m in it, hasn’t done that since she was a kitten, spent 15-20mins demanding pats and drooling on me 😮😮😮😮. Then sat on bed head for a bit and then casually wandered off not running away!!!

She started flower essences Saturday and every second day is doing exercises [as recommended by Animal Communicator Rommie Buhler]” Jamie’s Owner