Advanced Life Development Coaching

Advanced Life Development Coaching

Welcome to Naturology Studio’s Advanced Life Development Coaching program.  Here we combine Life Coaching, Law-Of-Attraction and Kinesiology techniques so that you can make the most positive changes in your life.

Let us transition away from the fire-fighting and “issue support” care model, and move into a truly creative space to assess your life and what you actually want to achieve.

Are you ready to up-level and create momentum in your life to achieve your goals?

Perhaps you have goals and desires that kept being put by the way-side?

Do you want to achieve a goal, but feel as though you’re self-sabotaging the outcome?

Or are you completely lost with what it is that you actually want to do with your life?

Together, let’s explore ALL aspects of your life by shining a light onto your Finances, Health, Leisure, Career, Relationships and more…

We will support areas of weakness and create REAL change using Kinesiology. We will explore any nitty-gritty subconscious blockages and thought patterns that can get in the way of living the life that you truly desire.

Using Advanced Life Development Coaching tools alongside Kinesiology techniques allows the practitioner to access your innate-awareness and get to the bottom of what’s really a priority, and what’s most important for your spiritual evolution.  This can facilitate a greater understanding of self and create momentum and energy in achieving your goals.

advanced life development coaching

This 5 session package will bring transformative changes to your day-to-day life,  and impact the rest of your life in a variety of ways which may include:

      • shifts in belief
      • improved physical health
      • becoming more confident
      • new and /or happier relationships
      • better finances
      • living a happier, more vibrant life…

The program includes a personalised workbook that we complete together, and 5 lots of 2 hour sessions held every 2 weeks.

Who is this for?

This programme is for existing clients of Naturology Studio who have received a minimum of 3 Kinesiology Sessions.  This is to ensure any survival stress has been alleviated and that we are comfortable working together.

What’s involved?

Upon signing up, you will receive an Advanced Life Development Coaching Book that requires your input.

Firstly, you will assess your life in areas that we have called portfolios and sectors. In each portfolio you are required to give a rating of the different sectors which make up each portfolio. The different sectors have a rating of 1-10. A rating of 10 would mean you are very satisfied in that sector while a rating of 1 would mean you are very dissatisfied.

The more authentic and tuned in you are to your core values and needs around each portfolio and sector, the better the outcomes will be.

After completing the portfolios and sectors, you will be required to create outcomes (goals) and getting onto paper what you would like to achieve in the present moment.

Sarah will review these with you at your first session and make adjustments where necessary.

We will then schedule in 5 lots of 2 hour Coaching Sessions over a space of 2-3 months.

It is very important that you are able to commit to this process for the program to be most effective.

As your coach, Sarah will be your confidante, your cheer-leader and your natural health therapist.  You will be given tasks to complete between sessions.  If you’re not able to complete the tasks, we will explore the reasons why at the next session.

After your block of 5 sessions is complete, you can re-rate your portfolios and sectors to see how they have evolved and look at how your life situation has changed since commencing the program. Though be aware, that the changes may go on for several months.

Are you ready to go?

Request an Appointment or Contact Sarah to discuss

“I have just completed the Life Coaching with Kinesiology sessions with Sarah and to say I’m chuffed with the initial responses and changes is an understatement.

Investing in myself by completing these series of appointments is one I will never regret – I feel lighter in being as don’t feel as burdened or serious, I’ve gained specific pinpointed insight Into where my long term stress was initiated from, and I’m recognising the signs and cues that my body and the universe are giving me.

I’m Incredibly grateful to you Sarah – you are a blessing in my life. Thank you x” – Lesley C

“I would absolutely recommend the coaching package to others; it is a gentle, non-threatening experience to guide one to a more positive outlook” – Lynda B

Terms & Conditions

This Program requires a commitment from you and agreeing to the following:

I am required to attend five sessions, 2 weeks apart which are to be paid up-front (or on a payment plan*).

If I fail to attend a scheduled appointment, then I lose that session’s payment without a refund.

Consecutive sessions must be less than 3 weeks apart. If a period extends more than 3 weeks between sessions, then I will lose payment without a refund.

I agree to take any and all required actions between sessions agreed upon during the session with my kinesiology coach.

I take responsibility for all outcomes achieved during and after the kinesiology coaching program.

*Payment Plan = $250 Deposit up-front, then $250 every 2 weeks until paid off.