Naturopathy & Kinesiology Consultations:

Nutrition and the environment can lead to vibrant health, or the unfortunate and far too common “dis-ease” and the need for “sick-care”.

Access your body’s “innate awareness” and delve into subconscious aspects that may be interfering with your self-healing capacity.

Sarah’s intention is to support, educate and facilitate your return to and maintenance of “health-care”, naturally of course! The best way to gain the most appropriate personalised treatment is to book in for a Consultation. Learn More

Additional Services:

Compatibility testing

Find out which foods and household products suit YOUR body. This non-invasive test looks at over 600 items, to find out what your body is compatible with Learn more


Food Detective™ is a simple in-clinic finger-prick blood test that provides us with results to over 48 common food irritants. Specifically it tests for  blood-antibodies (IgG) in response to standard food proteins. The best thing about this test? You receive the results at your consultation! Testing takes only 40 minutes. Learn more

custom designed Flower Essences

Following on from the popularity of Naturology Studio’s custom designed Flower Essences, this service can still be accessed without a formal naturopathy consultation. Flower Essences are an amazing vibrational medicine that supports adults and children on an emotional level; they are particularly useful during times of need. Learn more

7 day nutritional analysis

Had enough of contradictory nutritional advice and just looking for an honest scientific review of your diet? By tracking everything (yes EVERYTHING!) that you eat and drink for 7 days, Sarah can perform a detailed analysis to ensure that you’re on the best path to meet your individual nutritional requirements.


Sarah loves meeting, greeting and presenting, and can speak on a variety of health topics.