The Sacral Chakra “Honour One Another”

Second ChakraThis blog post addresses the second energetic centre, the Sacral Chakra.  This golden orange coloured spinning disc of vibrational energy is found in the lower abdomen to navel area, about one inch below the belly-button.

When grounding of the root chakra is nurtured and developed enough, the quality of security naturally flows through to the sacral chakra. Leading on from security is our relationship to others, and partnerships. This includes our conscious acceptance of sexuality and what it means to be a man or woman in the present age and culture. Positive, loving regard from those around us at a young age are an essential basis for a healthy individual.

Attachments may also included our perceived attachments to money, authority, our physical environment and the fear of losing control. Anything that we relate to that becomes part of our identity can affect the energetic flow of the sacral chakra.

Along with relationships and attachments comes creativity of all kinds; to create is to bring into being or form from nothing; an idea into fruition! The energies of this chakra are to create life, to “move the earth” and make an impression or contribution towards the continuum of life.  A painting, dance, song, child, business-idea, poetry, building, book… Creative energy is physical, of the earth or grounded, unlike inspiration (a crown chakra quality). It gives the sensation of being physically alive! Creativity defies the monotony of habit and provides us with resources to cope with the day-to-day events of our lives, providing creative solutions to problems.  When creative energy is able to flow freely, our lives reshape and reveal more meaning for why things happen as they do.

In Hindu the name “Svadhistana” has been given, which translates to “the dwelling place of the self”. When this chakra is out of balance, emotional instability, depression, sexual dysfunction, addictions or fear of change may be experienced.

Lessons related to the second chakra are to do with that of controlling the world around you.  Are you in the right marriage? Are you in the right career? Are you living in the right place? Whilst the energy of this chakra inclines us to try and control our lives, we are physical and energy beings, and since the physical world cannot be controlled, the lesson to be learnt is to master our internal responses to the external world, our thoughts and our emotions.

Unlike the root chakra which element is grounded in the Earth, the sacral chakra element is water – fluidity, emotions, fertility and the connection of the tides to the moon.

The Sacred Truth | Honour One Another

Every relationship we develop spiritually, from the most casual to the most intimate, serves a purpose of helping us to become more conscious. Even when a relationship is painful, learning about our selves and facing our own limitations not things we endeavour to experience – how ever, they are necessary for spiritual growth. When we release our compulsion to judge what and who has value, and instead focus on honouring each person and task with which we are involved we can move easily see the symbolic value of our relationships.


Blocking this energy can give rise to impotence, infertility, genital infections, endometriosis, fibroids and depressionThis also includes issues such as chronic lower back pain, sciatica, obstetric or gynaecological problems, pelvic or lower back problems, urinary problems or issues of sexual potency.

Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually:

Questions you may like to ask yourself:

    • “Do I have creative outlets?”
    • “Do I follow through on creative ideas?”
    • “Am I comfortable with my sexuality?”
    • “Do I use people, or do I feel used by others?”
    • “Do I keep my word and maintain my own personal code of honour?”
    • “Am I a controlling person?”
    • “Do I engage in power plays in my relationships?”
      “Am I able to see myself clearly in circumstances related to power and money?”
    • “Does money have authority over me?”
    • “Do I make compromises to ensure financial security?”
    • “Do survival fears dictate my choices?”
Recommended Exercises:
    • Dance
    • Hula-hoop
    • Lay on your back, place your feet on the ground with your knees bent. Very slowly move your legs in and out until they shake (very therapeutic)
    • Make time for creative outlets and expression
    • Maintain a healthy sexual life, whilst honouring and respecting your body
    • Meditate on the sacred message “Honour One Another”
    • Chant the mantra “Vam” to create sound vibration in the body to harmonise and align with the sacral chakra.

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