The Root Chakra “All is One”

Base ChakraThis blog post addresses the first of the energetic centres, the Root Chakra. This red coloured spinning disc of vibrational energy is found at the base of the spine, at the perineum.

For thousands of years’ Eastern religions have taught that the human body contains within itself seven major energetic centres where consciousness and the physical body meet. Within each of these centres are spiritual life-lessons that must be learned in order to move into higher consciousness.

In Hindu the name “Muladhara” has been given, which literally translates to “root support”. The Root Chakra is the first and lowest of the three chakras related to physical or external power.

All lessons related to the first chakra are to do with that of the material world and your “tribe”. You first experience this “tribe” power in early life as a part of a family unit; this carries with you and goes on to form part of your identify and belief systems. You may find as you get older you start to question some of the beliefs that you were raised with, it is important to discard those that are detrimental to spiritual development.

As an adult you can feel the power of this chakra with the sense of belonging and connection when you listen to your national anthem, or sense of pride when your country wins an Olympic Medal, or when you see a loved one get married. It is a powerful chakra and when it is unbalanced can affect all other areas in your life.

The Sacred Truth | “All is one”

When you can fully comprehend the message and live it, you are setting up the foundation for a strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.


Root chakra imbalances can manifest as issues within the base of the spine, legs, feet, anus and immune system. This includes issues such as chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumours or cancer, depression or immune-related disorders.

Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually:

Questions you may like to ask yourself include:

    • “Do I feel grounded and safe?”
    • “Have I attained the sense of feeling at home?”
    • ​”Am I able to provide for myself life’s necessities?”
    • “Can I stand up for myself?”
    • “What belief patterns have I inherited from my upbringing?”
    • “Are there belief patterns that have authority in my thinking today, that I know are no longer valid?”
    • “What superstitions do I have?  Do these have authority over my ability to reason?”
    • “Do I have unfinished business with my family that needs healing?”

  • Recommended Exercises:
      • Walk on the Earth in your bare feet.
      • Breathe in whilst imagining red light pouring up into your legs from the ground, then breathe out whilst imagining all fears and issues being taken away by the earth.
      • Squat until your legs shake (very therapeutic).
      • Meditate on the sacred message “All is One”.
      • Chant the mantra “Lam” to create sound vibration in the body to harmonise with the root chakra.

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