Naturology Studio’s History

Naturology – neɪtʃəˈrɒlədʒi

Definition 1: The Scientific Study of Nature

Definition 2: Naturopathy & Kinesiology combined

Definition 3: Where Traditional & Evidence-Based teachings of modern Natural Medicines are used alongside ancient Eastern principles of Energetic Medicine and modern day Kinesiology, to support the optimal health of your mind, body and spirit.

Naturology Studio’s History


Established 2016. Owner, Naturopath and Kinesiologist Sarah Claiden dreamt of serving clients in the most natural, effective and nurturing way for as long as she can remember. That little seed growing stronger and stronger with each passing year.

First step was to become qualified as a Naturopath; this took over 7 years’ of dedicated study at well respected colleges at both London, UK and Brisbane, Australia.

Second step was deciding upon a name to encompass her dream of natural health, healing and positivity…

Words ending in “pathy” are defined as treatment of disease and tend to focus on aspects that have “gone wrong”. So naturally, “Naturopathy Studio” was crossed off the list.  

After many months’ of seeking inspiration, she was finally struck by the simplicity of combining Psychology and Naturopathy thanks to affiliate business Psychology Studio the name Naturology Studio was born!

A couple of years after launching, Sarah brought the art and science of Kinesiology into her Naturopathy practice. Only then did she realise the  pre-ordained perfection of choosing the name Naturology Studio…

Naturology Studio now combines Naturopathy & Kinesiology as a supportive, natural, healing modality that supports clients at a core level. By offering protocols from both evidence-based Naturopathy alongside the clients very own innate awareness, the most appropriate health restoration plan can be provided.

Clients attend from Brisbane and Redcliffe Districts, and online services continue to be offered to people around the world.

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